Design flexibility is what makes us different from other manufacturers.
We can manufacture with either BAMware™ bamboo fiber or Green One™ bagasse fiber products from the same molds at the same facility. This manufacturing flexibility allows us to offer the best, correct raw material for your application.

Custom Products
...designed for your specific application

Manufacturing to your specifications is a simple straight-forward process that quickly offers tooling costs and production pricing. Find out your costs before you go into production.

Our design professionals can walk you through the design process without spending a dime.

special plates, clamshells, bowls or cups we will design to your specifications. From initial sketch to finished product we'll help with your first, best or next green product.

- Sketch
- Factory Drawing
- Prototye
- Production


Stock Products your favorite shapes and sizes

e import and warehouse the top, most common items used in the industry today.

High quality compostable products made of bagasse or bamboo fiber as well as a full line of Paper cups and of course CPLA Utensils.

Common products are always in inventory, ready stock at our warehouse for customers convience.

Seasonal, custom and special order" items we add to our regularly scheduled container shipments based on forecast or monthly usage.

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