Custom Product Development

Product Development


We are good manufacturing partners

Have experienced manufacturing facilities

Good resource and planning

Significant experienced in green products

Stable and well funded


Custom Printed Cups


Fibers and pulp materials

  • Green One bagasse - bagasse fiber

  • Natural One - bamboo fiber

  • PLA - Plant Starch ( clear cold cups )

  • PET - For hot lids and deli Containers


EN13432 - Specifications for compostability: chemical test, biodegradability,

ASTM D6400 - Natural plastic compounds like PLA)

ASTM D6868 - (natural fibers materials  like Bagasse )
Specifications for compostability:

ASTM D6866 - Specifications for % biobased as determined by C14 activity

ISO 14001:2400

Specifications to enable an organization to develop and implement an environmental management system.



At Eco Green Packaging we have years of experience in product development.

We have the expertise you need to select the best material, manufacturing process and facilities to create your unique product


1. Concept

New development can start as a simple sketch, a rough idea or similar product or sample.

Bagasee, bamboo pulp or PLA,
heavy duty or light weight,
The basic information is relayed to our manufacturing facilities for evaluation and within a week or two so you'll know all the details of how long and how much...projecting cost per case and per each..before you spend a dime!


2. Test Mold



After evaluating the design baic deign and costing the next step is a low cost epoxy mold. With this proto-mold we can prove out and test the design, determine best thickness and allow real world testing.

Test molds can be made in about 30 days and provide 30+ sample pieces.

These are real samples made of production materials and can be fully tested and evaluated in advance of the more expensive steel production mold


3. Production

Normally the lead time to produce a custom product is several months start to finish but once the production steel mold is finished your custom product will be produced and delived within our ouw production and can be combined in our regular container shipments.

Delivery can be:
FOB overseas to your port
Drop shipped to your customer Shipped in the USA from the Eco Green Packaging warehouse

MOQ is generally 100 cases

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