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Eco Green Packaging has 10+ years manufacturing and distributing high quality products to the "green" and general packaging markets in the US, Canada and Latin America

Our natural, compostable products for the food service industry include:

Green Ease brand compostable bioplastic cold cups
PLA lined paper hot cups
Heavy-duty bamboo fiber tableware
BPI certified compostable bagasse
Custom designed CPLA Utensils

Eco Green Packaging offers custom printing on cups
and custom product development  in all materials.

Our warehouse is located in Oakland California
We ship  our products nationwide.

Eco Green Packaging manufactures for all levels of distribution, container loads, multiple pallets or by the case.

We strive to provide on-time deliveryand 100% fill rates via our wide ranging logistics solutions.

We offer competitive pricing
large and small quantities


Main Office - Oakland, CA
510.475.1116 - Voice
510.781.0465 - Fax

Wake someone up in the middle of the night ? - 415.336.5250