Natural One™ Bamboo
Bamboo Fiber
The fastest growing of the woody "grass"plants.

Long tough fibers unbleached and natural, well suited for making products with heat, oil or sauce applications
Green One™
Sugarcane fiber
Bagsse products have a very low carbon footprint because the raw fiber is obtained at the end of the sugar extraction process.

This saves, time, energy and cost while the final product and the finished product is a 100% natural, compostable material.
Green Leaf™
Compostable CPLA
A crystalized plant starch polylactic acid (PLA), a repeating chain of lactic acid, which undergoes rapid degradation process via moisture and heat found in the compost process.
Green Ease™
Crystal clear PLA
(polylactide acid) which is derived from corn starch or other sugars is used to create a compostable and moldable material durrable to almost 180 degrees

High quaility compostable hot cups are made by using a PLA film within our paper cups.
Recycled Paper
Recycled paper pulp
a good specialty material great for Fish and Chips and other foods requiring an absorbing material. Remanufactured pulp products reduce the environmental imact on our forests.
Plant Starch
Recycleable Plastics
Not our favorite material but often necessary where higher temperatures are common.

We try to use the most recycleable materials like R-Pet, PET and PP

gOING green

Reducing and re-using helps to sustain and reduces the carbon footprint in manufacturing but while production materials and means are important the final desination for the material is ultimately the biggest concern so try to use 100% compostable materials.

Compostable products return both the packaging also any food waste directly back to the earth. Recycling represents a great options where compostable material are not available.

Consider the raw material
Production methods