3-10 oz Green Ease Flat Lid wo Hole - 78 mm


The 3-10 oz Green Ease flat Lid fits 3, 4, 7 and 10 oz cups. It is a flat lid without a straw hole. These lids are made out of corn starch, meaning that they come from corn and can be returned back to the earth through commercial composting. Green Ease cold cup lids can withstand heat up to 110°F, which isn't very hot at all! If they come in contact with heat they will melt and deform.



Item Specifications
Item Material Length Width Height
25-1178-N Green Ease 3.10 in 3.10 in .41 in


Carton Information
Length 16.93 in
Width 7.09 in
Height 16.73 in
Lbs 5.06 lb
Cube 1.16 ft³
Count 1000
Inners 10
Pcs per 100
Pallet Information
Cartons Tier 14
Cartons High 4
Total Cartons 56
Total Lbs 333.36 lb
Total Cube 64.96 ft³


Carton UPC
510.268.1100 ˜ info@ifngreen.com