8 in 3-Compartment Clamshell


The 8in 3-Compartment Clamshell is a good take-out size with 3 separate compartments to keep foods from mixing. Replace your styrofoam or paper containers with a compostable AND annually renewable option! Bagasse is the left-over fibers from sugarcane juice extraction. Instead of being burnt, these fibers can be molded into foodservice items. Refrigerator, freezer, and microwave safe.



Item Specifications
Item Material Length Width Height
29-2008 Bagasse 8.66 in 8.07 in 3.15 in


Carton Information
Length 17.75 in
Width 14.25 in
Height 8.50 in
Lbs 18.50 lb
Cube 1.24 ft³
Count 200
Inners 2
Pcs per 100
Pallet Information
Cartons Tier 6
Cartons High 8
Total Cartons 48
Total Lbs 938.00 lb
Total Cube 59.52 ft³


Carton UPC